Europpomeet 2019 - Driving routes and Suggestions Thread

Voting is in, and the first Euromeet trip of 2019 is to the Three Frontiers of France, Germany, and Switzerland! This thread is now open for suggestions.

With a clear win for April 13th-21st, and perhaps a not-so-clear win for the Three Frontiers, we officially have our date and location set for Europpomeet 2019.


Historically, we have used the weekdays for driving and activities, and the weekends on either side for travel to and from the meet. Last year in Wales we also used two separate ‘hubs’ - each for half of the week - where we slept, drank, and planned our daily adventures. We plan to do the same this year, and what we need now is your input on where to drive, and what to see.

What we’ve got:

The Region (Roughly)

What we need:

Routes and Driving

At the moment the field is wide-open, provided the routes and roads are in and around the Three Frontiers region. Some of the areas that have been suggested already are Vosges, Jura, and the Black Forest. Once we have a collection of excellent driving roads, we can better define where our hubs will be.


Events and Activities

Whether it be vinyards, museum nerdgasms, or a private racetrack -we need things to do for a week. Previous trips have included: The Nurburgring, Spa Francorchamps, various motor and race museums, Oktoberfest, and hedge diving.



We are planning on introducing a new element; a rally. This is not about finishing a route in a specific time, but rather finding checkpoints or landmarks, maybe being somewhat forced to use a (paper) road map and a compass. We were thinking of something for 1 or 2 days, preferably two-man teams per car(?) - Ideas and interest are welcome.


That’s it! State your case in the comments with maps, images, first-hand tales, hand-drawn masterpieces, or whatever you feel necessary. Take your time on this, we need well-sorted suggestions. If you don’t have any suggestions at all, just recommend the ones you like.

If you need an example, this post from Texa is both relevant and chock-full of interesting things:


If you are only joining us now, just because you haven’t been part of it so far doesn’t mean you’re unable to join us! Everyone is welcome and can join at any time. Send us an email at


This will be reposted over the next week or so.

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