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Europpomeet, anyone? [Repost for the evening Euro-crowd]

As the title says: anyone interested in an Oppomeet on the Old Continent?

What, where and when will probably depend on who, but some initial ideas below:

  • What: (car-related?) visit + exploring the countryside
  • Where: somewhere in the middle, Eifel (Nürburgring), Ardennes (Spa), Vosges (Bugatti), Verdun/Reims, Stuttgart/Schwarzwald, ...?
  • When: September-November 2016, or Spring 2017?

Update: Based on feedback, it will probably take place in Spring 2017 at the Nürburgring (possibly including a drive to Spa as well).


Update 2: Be sure to add yourself to the Oppomap if you’re interested in joining!

Anyway, drop by in the comments to state your interest and/or give more ideas/feedback, we’ll see where it goes from there!

Also, if any of the American organizers read this: any tips?

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