Are you an Oppo, and do you happen to be in Europe on the 25th and/or 26th of March? Then this is you final chance to subscribe for our (hopefully) great Europpomeet at Spa and the Nürburgring! The deadline for registration is 15 January, 23:59 CET. You can register here:

Registration link.

For more details on the planning of the event (and some info about cheap flights to Europe):

The following Oppos have already subscribed:

  • DutchieDC2R
  • TwingoTamer
  • Clemsie McKenzie
  • 4muddyfeet
  • BiTurbo228
  • Jaime Melon
  • Schaefft
  • Klaus Schmoll
  • Rustholes_are_weight_reduction
  • Duurtlang
  • Thunderbee
  • RWSMotorsport
  • MultiplaOrgasms
  • Chinny Raccoon
  • FSI
  • Jobjoris
  • BvdV - The Dutch Engineer
  • Out, but with a ZZW30
  • kanadanmajava1

For a meet like this of course the motto is ‘the more, the merrier’, so if you feel like meeting some other Oppos, feel free to join us.