After a few hours and discussions with Borsuq on my prospects of finding a manual-trans hatchback here in Canadia - land of massive pickup trucks and, unfortunately ever-increasingly, Crossovers and looks that my chances of finding any smaller hatchback with a manual transmission are pretty slim. I’m not AGAINST getting an auto if I HAD to, but I would really miss the joy that rowing my own gears gives me, even in a basic DD.

How crazy would I be to consider importing a second-gen Panda as a year-round DD when I eventually replace my Accent? Anybody have any experience with them? I would probably never do it, so consider this more of a thought exercise and general curiosity to learn more about what they are like to live with! :)

Would a low-mileage second-gen lower-trim Panda be hard to find in gas guise? A 4x4 would be great for Canadian winters for the off time I need the 4x4 mode to get un-stuck!


EDIT - I should also mention I am perfectly happy being long as it’s a manual and has air bags, that is all I really care about! :)