I’m in Europe for work in February and I have a weekend to kill. I’ll be in southeast Holland on Friday afternoon, and need to be in central Austria on Monday morning. That’s driveable: 10 hours if you take the boring route and weather co-operates, so a nice weekend drive taking the more interesting routes. But the relocation fee makes doing it in a rental car prohibitive. So I’ll probably fly, which gives me a day and a half to kill somewhere. But I’ve already done Amsterdam and Vienna to death, so I want to go somewhere else for a change.

So Oppo, what would you do for a weekend in February, given the start and end points and the need to return any rental car to where I got it from (which doesn’t need to be Amsterdam or Vienna - plenty of places accessible by train from either of those).

To forestall the obvious: yes, the Ring’s accessible, but it’s closed :-(.

BMW M1 Procar race engine in a 635 for your time