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I’m going to Paris for a few days next month and have planned a day trip to Reims ( say “Rance”, more or less) and so I’ll need to get there. Accordingly I’ve booked a trip in a French made EV.

Some will be familiar with Tesla EVs. If you pay enough, and it’ll be a lot, you can get one with a total of 779 bhp and 4wd. That’s a lot. Nonetheless though “my” EV laughs at that. It’s got 12,900 bhp and 16wd. Unlike your Tesla, it’ll maintain that level of power all day if asked. Also unlike your Tesla, it’ll do 300 kmh/186 mph on its particular route and could get up to 320 kmh if allowed.


No, I don’t know what the box like thingy right in the middle of the driving desk is. It seems to be a characteristically French feature.

In case you’re wondering, it’s €34* for the round trip which might sound a lot for a 40-odd minute trip each way but you’re going really fast

Also in case you’re wondering, 0 to 300 is about five and a half minutes.

*in my case with booking in advance. Turn up on the day and you’re paying €60 each way or more.

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