I mean...its basically a car that sidesteps regulations.

Its CRAZY expensive as a toy, but its not like that stops the determined toy buyer

Its going to be stupid heavy which is going to make hauling your toy around more difficult.

Off road use? All I gotta say is that with a wheelbase longer than my Land Cruiser (by a lot, 112.2 versus 118 inch) this thing better have a STOUT belly pan, as UTV drivers all pretty much use the bottom of the vehicle as a slider. Given the weight and the battery in the pan...its a worry.


Range should be fine for most of these users, say 60 miles safe range playing hard will be fine.

main plus? QUIET! I hate that Moab is just a mass of barely muffled (or not at all) UTV noise all hours of the day and night. I welcome our new silent UTV overlords.


But...that means that when users go to charge these they are going to need to shell out big money for a 240 generator and/or run their 120 genset for many, MANY hours back at camp. So its trading the occasional buzz of a fleet of these driving by for the constant roar of a generator at the camp site. hmmm.

To say nothing of the fact that modern UTV engines are at least beholden to some environmental regulation (since 2007 all UTV’s are required to meet a fairly stringent emissions standard) versus generators which aren’t required to meet squat. So in the end what you are doing is moving the noise and pollution from one form to another, potentially worse form.