The problem with Evans I believe stemmed from his work in radio. Being an audio medium, radio stars have to convey emotion and emphasis entirely via their voice in order to get a point across, much in the same way stage actors must overemphasize their movements in order to make them obvious to the viewing audience sitting dozens of meters away, as opposed to television where the cameras and high-end microphones can pick up the most subtle of mannerisms and gestures. Evans, being the popular radio man that he is, is probably so used to over-acting and enunciating for the radio that he can’t help but do it on the set of Top Gear, leading to his overdone mannerisms and spastic nature. If you close your eyes during the studio settings who would you rather listen to? The monotone ‘Murican or the spastic Brit?

Combined with rumors that he never really cared much about the cars and more cared about just getting on TV for his 15 minutes (or, in this case, one season) of fame and I’m very confused by the BBCs decision to put him on the show, especially as frontman.