I need the assistance of someone familiar with Chevy Tahoes. My EVAP system has been causing me nightmares lately. I had an engine code of P0445/P0446 and ended up replacing my charcoal canister, and purge and vent solenoids. That resolved the engine code, but when I go to fill up, I am lucky if I can put a gallon in. And, I’m talking about when my tank is straight up empty. The charcoal canister was leaking pellets out of the large hole, pictured on the right here. I think that some of this got into the line and blocked it. So, that when I go to fill up, there is nowhere for the pressure to go but back up the fill tube. So, if I disconnect right where the pellets were falling out, open up my fuel cap and use a shop vac to suck out the pellets, do you think this would resolve my problem? Or, do I need to drop my fuel tank and replace the vent lines?