I work in a job where lots of people are mixed up in the legal system. I just had a woman at my desk who was convinced her child was being taken from her on false allegations and misdeeds by DHS.

She hasn’t filled out any of the court forms because she doesn’t agree with the initial beginning of the case.


She hasn’t filed the application for her free, court appointed attorney because an attorney “will focus on legal arguments and not what’s really going on”.

She refused to read any information about the process, because the system is corrupt or something.


I’m as guilty as the next person about sometimes saying, “why did this happen to me?” But I like to think sooner rather than later, I suck it up and do whatever needs to be done. If you get served a shit sandwich today, I hope you will ask yourself, “how can I make a better sandwich?” Not, “who is going to give me a better sandwich”? I am a bit of bleeding heart But I hit my limit just now.

And for your time, my beetle, 356, 964, 997? - GIF. All that we need now is the rear/mid engined beetle that I’m sure VW is working on since I keep saying it to be the last picture and things will come full circle.


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