I went for a quick cruise this evening. This morning, I dropped my son off at a camp he’s in this week, and he wanted to take the Cougar. So I figured before I tucked it back in the garage for the night, I’d enjoy the wonderfully comfortable evening air.

It’s such a strange feeling driving around in my neck of the woods. You can drive and feel like you’re in the country, then turn a corner and be in a dense suburban neighborhood. There’s still quite a bit of horse property up my way, it’s just getting more and more squeezed by development.

Drives like this remind me of Sunday drives with my dad. He’d ask if I want to go for a ride, and we’d hop in the car and just wander aimlessly for a couple of hours. Of course, when I was a kid, the cars we rode around in were just used cars, not classics. My dad had a ‘65 Mustang, then we would ride around in the ‘72 C10 (which I would eventually drive around), then increasingly newer cars as the years went by. The drives were never about the car, it was about the time shared with my dad. But driving in the Cougar definitely takes me back to those earlier years.


It’s almost time to move on from the Cougar. I’ve had it three years and enjoyed it. It still brings a smile to my face when I drive it. But I like enjoying lots of different vehicles. I just need to figure out what’s next.