I know a bunch of you are engineering students, and I’ve seen people ask about getting into the auto industry. For your sake, and for anyone else’s information, I want to talk about something obvious: DON’T DO STUPID SHIT. YOU’LL GET FIRED. AND NO ONE WILL HIRE YOUR ASS AGAIN.

Don’t come to Jalopnik/Autoweek/Oppo/Facebook/wherever talking about your cool proprietary knowledge. I promise you, they will not pay you nearly enough to cover your dumb unemployable ass until retirement age.

Don’t take pictures. Not in the plant, not in the proving grounds, nah.

DON’T LEAVE CAD UP ON YOUR LAPTOP. Especially exteriors! Even just running to take a piss - lock the screen, shut the lid, whatever!


Be smart. Do the job you got hired to do. Don’t be a liability.

Inspired by the FP BMW thing.

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