Event Horizon or Sunshine?

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Whenever I want to watch a scary Sci-fi movie, without fail I always end up asking myself, “Event Horizon or Sunshine?”


Followed soon after by—

“28 days later or 28 weeks later?”

“speaking of 28 weeks later, how about 30 days of night..? Hmm...

Or that one space movie... With a “P” that I watched that one time.... Uhhh... What was it? Oh! Pandemonium! Err... Pandemic? Panda-men? Hold on—



“right. Pandemonium. Great movie. Underrated gem

“ohhhhh I haven’t seen Dark City in ages! And speaking of Dark City... How about Equilibrium? Well, I guess Equilibrium isn’t really that scary. Or, uh... Good. But I like it!”


“hmm... Maybe I’ll try a NEW movie!”

“...Or just re-watch The Matrix?”

“nah, I did that last year. How about Alien? But which Alien...

“huh, guess I should be getting ready for bed... I swear it was 8pm just a minute ago....”


*watches The Office*

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