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Eventful day yesterday. crash included

Went out to shannonville again yesterday. total last minute thing, made the desicion to go the sunday at like 10.30 pm.

went with 6 other riders. 2 guys sharing a 1-car trailer to haul 4 bikes, 2 guys sharing a pick up truck, and me with the merc and a little platform trailer.

6:30 am. On the way there. one of the tires on the car trailer let go. had to replace it on the side of the road. 5 dudes watching, 2 guys going work. it was jokes.

Once we got to the track, we set up pits, and went and had fun.



then I did the stupid. I got greeedy in turn 3 on long track, and lost the front end. My gear caught a crack in the surface and i tumbled.

Session stopped, trackside ambulane, bike wagon out, whole 9 yards. I was checked over by the paramedics and let back out.

when i got to the pits, this is the sight that greeted me:


Bike was fucked. exhaust disconnected, tail section missing, brake pedal was bent into a circle, handle bar bent at 90 degrees.

after going around the pits, buying off peoples spares, borrowing tools and tricks, I actually got the bike in ridable (so I though) condition


So i went out for ONE last session. and discovered that the front triple tree was rocking in the steering stem.

I’m praying to god it just loosned the bearings, other wise that means i bent the frame and it is toast (I have a spare frame...I dont have the time to swap them)

When i got home, my knee was getting worse and worse. Got to the point where I couldnt walk. Went to the hospital and got checked out. ACL fine. MCL fine. Knee cap in the right spot, still in one peice. knee was swollen 3 times the size. Compression bandges, some extra stength pain killers and they sent me on my way.

So I’m at work today. limping but breathing.

pro tip: dont get greedy with your speed and your lines.

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