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Ever Been Gifted a Car You Didn't Want?

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Photo: Michael Thompson (Right Foot Down)

I was reading a comment on the recent WRX/BRZ story over on Jalop and the guy said his wife bought him a WRX with *shivers* a CVT.


To some of us that may be blasphemous, but it was still a gift so it’s understandable that he wouldn’t want to appear ungrateful. However, a car is something you need be able to live with, especially when you can’t afford to just go buy another.If someone bought me a Mitsubishi Mirage for example, I would say thanks but probably surrender my license as an excuse for why it never left the driveway.

Now I have never been so lucky (or unlucky) to receive an entire car as a gift, but I think you probably can’t just return it without damaging your relationship with the person who bought it. What’s the OPPO consensus on this I am curious to hear other opinions from car people.

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