It started last night on my ride home, actually. Was listening to some Jukebox The Ghost on my music app last night via my Android and the music stopped. An SD card error popped up, then it wouldn't read anymore. Tried a soft reset while driving, but it didn't work. Loaded up iHeartRadio and continued on, then forgot about it when I got home since it was my youngest daughter's birthday.

So this morning, my alarm goes off, and instead of the song from collection I had it set for, it played some phone-standard jingle. Oh yeah. I have to fix that. So I tried. No amount or removing, installing, resetting, or battery pulling worked. Fuck it, now I'm late for work.

So I hit the road, and while going 50ish in a 45, I get blasted by a car with a fart can on it. BUT, it was a nice red Cressida with exposed fastener having fender flares, black steelies, and some racing-oriented stickers on the back. Cool enough. AND, it was stick, judging how he did the whole ricer roll back at the red light he sped past me to be first at.

I think it was this car that I just found on Google, too:


So in a way I am glad I chose that particular route to work this morning.

Then, as I approach the main road to get to the highway, traffic comes to a stop. For over a mile. With no way to abort. I get most of the way to the traffic light, and it's flashing red on all four sides. With 4 or 5 lanes of travel in each direction including turn lanes and a highway on ramp, this is a chucklefuck. Got stuck there for a good 10 minutes.


So, down up down up I get to work and find my SD card isn't even readable by my PC, so it's completely fubar'd. But it is old as dirt so now I have a reason to get a newer faster bigger one. Hopefully the Verizon backup app saved my files to the cloud. I had over 5 gigs of music on there.