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Ever Hear of McManco? My Struggling Car Company

Running a car company has always been an interest of mine, so in 2016 I decided I would start one. It’s not public, I don’t have any products for sale, and I haven’t made any money. However, I have a website and some idea on what I want to do. So I guess it’s better than nothing.

The McManco Vehicle Corporation (or MVC if you’re cool) is a boutique carmaker that is focused on building cars that are fun to drive and inexpensive. There are 3 models planned, but I’ve designed about 6. Usually a design is a sketch that I do digitally, and since I don’t have any CAD tools or experience I wing a lot of it. That doesn’t stop me from doing measurements and prototypes, though. All cars come in manual, all cars are rear engined, and hopefully, all models have rotary engines. I’m going for the driving experience of an old Porsche.


The breakout model is called the Twister. It’s a boxy, 3 wheeled convertible with a 10 hp rotary behind the rear wheels. It’s not the most powerful setup, but the Twister is supposed to be a simple, easy to repair commuter car. Later versions will have more power, but for now it’s good. The frame will be made of metal tubing with an exterior made of duroplast, like a Trabant. For the frame, I was inspired by the How It’s Made episode on Ginetta cars. Some other features include a full bench seat and steering similar to that on a Green Machine. I call it the “Reciprocating Rod System,” and it’s meant to be more compact than a steering wheel and allow the driver to steer safely with one hand. I built a rolling wooden chassis with this, and it works smoothly, and feels very direct.

The second car is the Talisman, and it’s essentially a 4 wheeled Twister with different styling and a steering wheel. I think the Talisman will be especially fun to chuck around the city.


Elephant in the room: most of the McMancos are very boxy. This is because boxy cars are very roomy on the inside. I was also going for a similar style to the Giugiaro wedges of the 70s and 80s, so it’s all good. As a matter of fact, there are two separate design languages that I use. (I keep using “I” because I’m the only employee). McMancos are meant to be very, very light, so hopefully that will help negate a lot of inefficiency. Eh. They have rotary engines. Gas mileage is going to suck, anyway.


The final design is the crown jewel. It’s the Victor. About the size of a Ford Fiesta, the Victor is a 2 door, rear wheel drive sports coupe with duroplast panels, a space frame, and steelies. Under the rear hood is a 1300 cc, 150 horsepower Freedom Motors Rotapower rotary engine mated to a six speed manual transmission or a six speed semi auto. The Victor is the first mass market model and is designed to be extremely simple to repair and modify. I will make a separate post about it and how it will have a 240 hp King Victor version.

But yeah, that’s my egotistical rant about my cars.

here’s the low-budget website.

you can also find McManco on Facebook.

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