Ever looked up crashes of your car?

And would it affect how you drive if you did? Particularly for those of us with older cars...Lets do it

Nasty. Not a targa like mine, but it doesn’t look like the stiffer roof helped much
Not *too* bad but I wouldn’t want to be in it
Same color as mine! Not nice.
Particularly nasty
Look at that crumple zone! It’s like 50% of the car, goes well into the cabin

So that’s what happens if I crash. How hard is it to crash?

All this guy did was dip a wheel off the tarmac under braking, easy to do. Of course, on real roads all it takes is hitting a bad patch on the road.

This guy, yes, he accelerates on a wet track before the car is straight. But he doesn’t accelerate much, and elsewhere in the video he demonstrates he’s able to feel and correct a slide. He seems on top of the situation until he’s not.

Easy to crash, not safe when you do. Be safe out there

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