...walk out, drive to a car dealership, ask for a free truck and get it? Because that’s what I did today.

Back story:

A couple nights back I asked oppo for some help. I was in need of guidance about towing a heavy trailer and the risks involved (thanks LooseonExit). I got some great feedback, and a couple of options to pursue.

Today I took those options to my studio, so that we could discuss how we wanted to move forward. I explained that we couldn’t tow the trailer with a motor pool 1/2 ton pickup because: A) it was way over capacity, and B) the trailer we need is a goose neck and a 1500 obviously doesn’t have a 5th wheel hitch. Then I laid out our options:

1) Rent a box truck from Budget and forget the trailer. It’ll cost about $700 (suggested by Dusty Ventures and Snuze: The New Slobalt)


2) We didn’t get to option 2 because the girl in charge of the budget yelled “We’re not renting a truck! You’re not getting any money!” and walked away. I followed her over to her desk and tried to explain the situation, only to be cut off, ignored, and yelled at. My buddy walked away, because he was about ready to knock her out.

Realizing that this course of action was futile, I grabbed that guy and another studio friend and said “Lets go to (insert car dealership name here)“. They said sure and we collectively stormed out. The group of us jumped in my buddy’s Charger and drove to the closest dealership (a used car lot) in the chain.


Upon getting out of the car we were ambushed by a salesman. He greeted us and asked what he could do/what we were looking for. I said we were students from the Design+Make studio and asked if he had any 3/4 or 1 ton trucks. “Of course we do” he exclaimed happily “what’s your budget?”

I laughed nervously “That’s the thing... we don’t really have a budget”.

I then explained our situation, the project, and that we could only really offer him marketing and that we’d allow ourselves to be used in their marketing. To my surprise he said that was something that they’d be very interested in. He said that while he couldn’t officially say yes, they could probably help. He called the main store and set up a meeting for us this Friday with the General Manager.


So, although nothing is official yet, I’m tentatively excited about today’s achievement. I’m currently putting together a marketing/information package to take with me on Friday, hopefully it goes well.