Story below (carporn unrelated)

So I come out of the pizza shop and I notice a car (most recent gen Toyota Matrix) in the handicapped spot with no tags or placards. I recognize this car as the delivery boy's. I know it is his because I told him a few months ago that his tires were mismatched and the directionals were facing the wrong way. He looked at me like I had three heads.

Anyway, not only was he in the handicapped spot he was encroaching on the blue lines. Then I notice a wallet on the ground near the driver's door. I pick it up to look for I.D. I don't see it but there is plenty of cash and credit cards. I pause for a second and think that this little shit could use some justice for parking like an asshat. I could easily take this wallet, keep the cash, run down to Best Buy and grab an iPad or two and toss the whole thing within an hour. But my conscious gets the better of me, and on the slim chance I got caught I don't want to go to jail for credit card fraud.

So I go back inside and ask the kid, "Hey man, is this your wallet?"

Shocked he says, "Yeah, thanks!"

We walk back out together and I say, "You know man, you shouldn't park in the handicapped spots. Those are for customers who need it."


How does this little shit respond?

He says, "But I'm the delivery guy."

Now I want to let him have it...but again ethics overrides my rage. I say, "Well, when people like my wife come here and need that spot for her van. She can't use it because it is occupied by people like you. The next time I see you there, I'm telling the owner and the police."


He gives me some douchey look and drives off.

Now I feel guilty for not taking his damn wallet.