Illustration for article titled Ever wondered how it feels to be in a Dakar truck?

I surely have, and I’m a few days away from finding out!

Nest Tuesday I will be meeting Gerard de Rooy, two times Dakar rally winner, and son of Dakar legend Jan de Rooy. And he is bringing his rally truck to give rides, so I hope they have a nice track.


Actually I need to thank my dad for this, since a company he often orders industrial sensors from also supports Team de Rooy, and does this event to bind with their customers. He was invited for the event, but he couldn’t make it due to his schedule, however he arranged for me to go in his place, which is amazing, since I’ve always been a big Dakar fan.

I’ll try to take some pictures, and maybe I’ll shoot a video from the ride, though I don’t know if it will be doable, that depends on the bumpiness of the track.


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