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Every Deal's Different; a Different Kind of Car Reality Show

Virtually every network and cable channel has some sort of car-themed reality show today, often following the tried and not-so-true plot line as follows:

  • New-hire shop assistant accidentally buys car that he thought was a Duesenberg SJ but turns out to really be a Dodge Colt. "We need to make it work" the shop owner, Wayne Boyddington, exclaims.
  • Owner tells shop crew car needs to have a full frame off restoration and be ready for Pebble Beach, which is coming up in 5-days!
  • Vacations are scrapped, weddings postponed and newborns never get to see their father's faces as the whole crew is working, eating and sleeping in the shop feverishly trying to get the job done.
  • Cut-takes of various shop monkeys propelling themselves in office chairs around the shop with fire extinguishers, blowing each other's hats off with compressed air, and of course spray painting the logo of the show in reverse on a piece of glass, all come into play.
  • Wait a second, the wrong wheels showed up! These are for a Rambler not a DuesenColt!
  • Wayne Boyddington glares disapprovingly, and threatens to fire a long-time employee who just married his high school sweetheart and has a new mortgage, oh no!
  • Monster Audio guy shows up on his ED209 personal motivation device and hands out lots of flat screens and gaming systems... for, ummm, errr, not-product placement?
  • With just seconds to go, with the car hauler idling in the parking lot and Pebble Beach organizers left holding on the other line almost in tears, the last spot of paint on the fender dries with a satisfying *ting* sound and a flash of post production glimmer magic.
  • Wayne Boyddington accepts the coveted Most Coolest-est Car Ever at Pebble Beach award, receives his complimentary handie from Jay Leno, and drives the car all the way back to the shop in downtown Carmel, California while shouting out the side window as the DuesenColt rolls off into the sunset, "you gotta drive 'em folks!"

No, "Every Deal's Different" is truly different in that there's no created drama. (Spoiler Alert!!!) The blown out water pump was really blown out, the buyer really saw the car for the first time on camera (obviously he knew they were there), and the deals, prices and customers are all real.

Perhaps closer in theme to shows like "Jay Leno's Garage" or even "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" with their less dramatic but infinitely more enjoyable format, Every Deal's Different leaves you feeling like you just spending some time shooting the breeze with an old buddy down at your favorite collector car haunt, not exasperated and breathless from an artificial time crunch punctuated by bouts of banshee-style screaming fits.


Dale Matthews is the show's star and owner of Memory Lane Motors in Portland, Oregon. Regarded locally as a straight shooter, local legend and yes, even musician, he's the perfect character to head a show like this. His personality flows effortlessly with the goings-on and his delivery of time-tested phrases and intuitions offer proof of his long life in the old car hobby.

The show's Producer, Mike Spicer, is a Portland native who's veins run blue with wiper fluid and red with transmission juice. He's not only deeply involved with events ranging from Mercedes-Benz Club of America gatherings to the popular Forest Grove Concours d'Elegance, but he's also a car guy of the first degree and enjoys his classic Mustangs as much as his vintage Mercedes coupes and roadsters.


Watch this space for more info on what becomes of "Every Deal's Different". As we said, it's in pilot stage now and the creators are looking for an outlet for a regular series.

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