I visit Canadas motorcycle I end up dropping 300(ish) dollars on parts.

this time around?

-All balls Wheel bearing kit 25-1276 (front wheel bearing kit-04-GSX-R 600)
-All balls Wheel bearing kit 25-1269 (rear wheel bearing kit-09 SV)
-All balls Steering bearing kit 22-10030 (steering bearing kit-09 SV)
Bike master feeler gauge set (for valve job due on SV)
K&N oil filter filter KN-164 (filters for BMW x2)
K&N oil filter filter KN-138 (filters for SV x3)
Motul 5100 4t semi-synthetic oil (BMW) 1l x6 (15.94 x 6) [man, am I happy the SV takes five-buck-chuck instead of nice oils]

total after tax? 314. free shipping.

funny part is, I ordered 3 oil filters for me bike. Then one of my buddies who sold his ninja 650 told me has has a couple of filters left and I could have them if I could use them.

lo-and-behold, I can. so thats 5 filters for the SV when I get home LOL