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Every morning a good meal is key to start the day, since I’m busy I don’t have time to prepare a decent meal. Last week I have found great alternative for a morning meal, Campbell’s Spaghetti. The protein it offers is king, & the flavor is just like grandma makes it. I start by putting putting a hole in cap then carefully put Mr. BeStrong™ protein powder. Once the Mr. BeStrong™ is in I shake it, shake it like I’m at the college bar on Friday night.

Drinking it is easy, you start by getting a straw so I you can kill another sea turtle in 30 days. It normally takes me a 1/2hr to drink it. By the time it’s gone I feel like a new man. The whole day goes great now, the new found energy is incredible. I can achieve more at work then I though I ever could, sometimes spaghetti does not digest I drops in the toilet bowl intact. Great timing for that tho, you can take it out & eat it for lunch. This time it has hot brown sauce with it.

I just really wanted to share this fantastic thing with you fine gents & ladies.


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