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Every morning yields the same epiphany...

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Told my wife I’m thinking about buying my mom’s Miata. It sits 340 days a year for the last two years and it’s getting rough. Which also means big saving plus family discount! I’ll definitely mull it over this coming year, and I’ll have to drive it a few times before making a decision.


There are many things I enjoy about the NA, but many that I did not. In addition to all the problems from sitting it now has, it also is a total stripper model, with no power anything, AC, even power steering. But to me that also means less problems over time. My memories of driving it to college include being a cop-magnet (it’s red... my mom gets pulled over often, too), and bigger vehicles either want to fuck with you or can’t see you.

S it’d be another project car, but one where I won’t be heavily invested in it actually working out. It will not need to be remotely dependable or used for anyone’s commute, since this time around I have actual reliable cars on hand.


iI don’t know... Am I nuts? I mean, in this context, not in general.

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