The other day, I was reminded of a car I hadn’t thought of in a while, the Bitter SC. That isn’t the car now stuck in my head, though, the pictured A60 Supra is.

The Bitter SC is an interesting car, but pretty rare.

However, the similarities are striking, and the differences favor the Supra.

The front bumper and pop-up headlight aspects are similar, almost too much to be coincidental. the belt line with the heavy rub strips, and the simple, clean form and angular, sleek lines. Even the inline-6, rear-drive layout is similar.


The Supra is a fastback hatch, which I prefer, and more readily found and supported.

So now, I have A60 Supra on my mind... and this isn’t the first time. I wish I had the money for a nice one, or to make one nice.