When I bought my Miata 4 years ago, it came with a steel license plate frame. I never gave it all too much thought, since the shiny steel matched the chrome fuel filler lid and the badges on the rear. But I was washing the car last weekend and the old frame just started to bug me. This being the #SimplifyAddLightness Miata, I decided to order a carbon fiber license plate frame.

This decision was made entirely based on aesthetics (the frames of my eyeglasses are also carbon fiber, sue me), but the frame came in the mail last night so I decided to see just how much weight I was “saving”.

The steel frame: 52.0 grams.

The carbon fiber frame: 25.0 grams.

I’m saving a whole 27 grams, which is ALMOST an ounce! And it looks much better. 


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