I’m not a begging type and neither is my family, but my mother had been fighting strong to heal from two parietal strokes from a year ago. She was just beginning to walk again and talking about how things are at the house and herself. Yesterday she died of a flesh eating bacteria that started friday evening.

Never will I see her sweet smile again, all those months of hard work and trying to get her the best rehab for her to live her life again is gone. Me and my father pretty much killed ourselves to see her every other day driving over 30 miles away for the past 8 months at this last rehab place. It wore my father thin and he had to be rushed to the ER in the beginning of May. He had a blood infection that left his heart weak and needed a pacemaker. Then a couple of weeks later my mom passed away leaving him and his family devastated. Also worse is that we never got my mother any life insurance and now the funeral costs is heavy on our backs and not to mention her and my dads medical bills piling up.

Its not a gimme money thing, its because we Opponauts help each other out through thick and thin. If you cant give anything, give my mother love.

She always wanted a 1970s Jeep Renegade in gloss black with hot pink interior :’)