Every P1 I’ve seen

By far the rarest of the Holy Trinity. Production numbers aside, I’ve found that P1 owners are way less likely to show up to C&C than 918 and LaFerrari owners. That said, I’ve seen more color diversity in P1's than the Porsche or Ferrari.

In fact, I’ve yet to see two identical P1's (compared to the several dozen 918's I’ve seen all in the same boring GT Silver Metallic, or the dozens of LaFerrari’s painted in either generic Rosso Corsa or Giallo Modena).

Originally painted dark blue, but now wrapped to look like a test mule.
The only one I didn’t get a good picture of. A boring white, but with the cool orange Speedy Kiwi graphics on the side skirts
Volcano Orange Course (which is sparklier than normal Volcano Orange)
A Jersey P1 with the license plate: WIDOMKR
Amethyst Black
Volcano Yellow
Graphite Gray
Burton Blue
Sapphire Black
Papaya Spark
Volcano Red, including body-color bumper and door inserts.
Volcano Orange. Notice it’s less yellow and less sparkly than the previous Volcano Orange Course.
Brodger Fire Brown. A color from the Bentley portfolio (Bentley calls it Brodgar Brown)

So far, only one P1 GTR:

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