every project has this scary point....

I'm at the point with my project car that i'm deep enough into the engine that the amount of nuts, bolts, vacuum lines, and sensor wires that are disconnected is vast enough to pose the serious threat of her not getting back together for a while... and the deeper I go, the more I want to clean up and refresh... ugh. 100s of little parts that could/should be replaced come up, and it adds up quick, especially on a BMW. I'll stay as motivated as I can, but i've never been this deep into an engine before! wish me luck oppo!


The project, as some of you may know, is my e34 530i. My water pump seized this past weekend on the notorious m60b30 v8 engine. I decided to refresh the whole cooling system (hoses, radiator, water pump) and started at least 10 other while-you're-in-there kinda projects... all the intake system gaskets, service injectors, replace poorly-designed factory PCV system with a catch can, valley pan and valve cover gaskets, and so on, because all these things regularly fail on this engine.

The intake system on these engines are sooooo overly complicated. It makes the best induction sound of a v8 I've ever heard....... but it is a bitch. It's finally out after 2 days, and i've finished the start of the long process of cleaning up the bay. Doesn't she look prettier already?


On a forward-thinking note, I think i've decided to pull the trigger on running a ~125 hp wet shot of nitrous oxide. I know people hate it and it's considered the lazy/easy way out, but these engines respond to supercharging and nitrous very well and reliably. I, however, know nothing about nitrous, other then what i've learned from various internet sources over the past few days. Any NOS heads out there???

Ugh, don't really know what the point of this post is lol, just needed somewhere to take a break. Hopefully very soon she'll be ripping around town, in a much more clean and functional state!


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