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Every time disaster strikes...

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And there’s a mass evacuation. This happens. Every. Time.

I’ve been dailying diesel cars since 2004 and while I’ve been fortunate enough to escape being in the middle of a mass exodus for impending hurricane or other natural disaster, I hear reports from fellow diesel drivers about how long the gas station lines are and how there’s no gasoline left at many of them... but there’s still diesel.


With that in mind, I think I’ll hang onto at least one diesel in my fleet for life... you know... just in case of apocalypse or just the normal natural disaster evacuation. Half the time, the range is so long on some of these cars due to their efficiency and size of fuel tank that you don’t really need to fill up right away anyway. Just go. It’s a somewhat addicting luxury to have such a huge range and be able to spend minimal money on fuel. I had a 96 Passat where I went more than 900 miles between fill ups... seriously. The early 2000s mk4s VW diesels one can often get 650 or more (if you don’t drive like I do, foot to the floor frequently) miles out of them regularly between fill ups and take about 15 gallons to do it again. Newer ones don’t hold quite as much and often times aren’t as efficient, but getting 550-600 per fill up is still attainable.

With that having been said, anyone who’s in the path of Hurricane Dorian, I do hope you and your family get out safely and your property remains unharmed.

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