I posted this over on TheSamba, but I wanted to open it up to your infinite wisdom as well.

I'm getting my '73 Baja ready for rallycross up in New Hampshire this Sunday and a quick check last night revealed that

1) my right rear brake drum is cracked and

2) every wheel has play in it

So, I'm picking up new brake drums tomorrow which shouldn't be too hard to replace, but the wheel play is troubling.

Assuming the worst, that means my bearings are shot, right? Is this an easy thing to replace (as in, something I could do on Saturday morning having never done it before) or is this something that I should be taking the car to the shop for?

Sadly, the only aircooled specific shop in the NYC area is full up with cars at the moment, so I would be going to just some import car garage for the fix.

many thanks,

[UPDATE]: I called the shop I usually go to and they said they'd take a look at it. The bearings wouldn't be a pain to fix, but getting to the bearings could be a problem. The car's old and parts might not be cooperative.