Way back in September 2009, a little site called “The Beatles Never Broke Up” came into attention on twitter and aggregate sites. On this website was a lengthy story about a man hitting his head in the desert and waking up in a new dimension. One where, as you might have guessed, The Beatles never broke up, and continued to make music well past 1969. As “Proof” he released a mixtape of 11 songs from this alternate Beatles.

Now of course, all of that is just fun trimmings for what is probably one of the best remix albums of all time. Taking Beatles solo material, regular Beatles editing tricks, and some nice hooks, our maker ended up making something that sounds exactly what a “Later” Beatles album would sound like.

The album comes and goes from my iPhone, but I always come back to it. The surprisingly catchy, fun, and quirky record has just enough spark to keep the music alive. And the feeling that maybe there really was a world where "The Beatles Never Broke Up"