What if you're all wrong?

I know, as Jaloppos, we all have to hate flappy paddles. I understand the whole "manual transmission is the only transmission" feel. I drive a manual every day. I am getting a little bit older now and my situation has changed. The majority of my driving is to work and back. However, aside from that, I rarely go anywhere but short trips from my house. There is very little enjoyable driving for me, at the moment. My knees also aren't what they used to be. I spent a few years as a paratrooper and that wreaked havoc on my joints. By the time I reach my driveway each night, my knee is popping and locking and twerking. Driving a stick has become unpleasant for me. I wouldn't mind a weekend car that had a manual so I could "connect" with it. I just don't want to deal with it every day.

A lot of people say the DSG and paddles are an awful replacement and manufacturers hate enthusiasts. I will partially agree with that. While they aren't necesarily a good replacement, they are a nice option. Think about it this way. Would you rather have an old, slow, hateful, traditional autobox? Or would you like for the manufacturer to try making a more engaging, accessible to everyone, enthusiast-oriented, automatic transmission?


I, for one, am excited to see cars offered with a more sporty automatic. This means that, even though I'm not very willing to work a clutch pedal anymore, I can still enjoy selecting the correct gear for the upcoming sweeper.