If you read my last post you know I’m turning in a BMW 328 at the end of it’s lease* in about a week. Or that is what I was planning to do.

My wife was driving it home from work last night and got into an accident - she is ok, and it wasn’t her fault.

But now I have a busted BMW that is supposed to go back in less than three weeks.

The * above was to denote this isn’t really a lease, it is a BMW Owners Choice, which works the same except the payments are really loan payments, and there is a lump payoff at the end if you keep the vehicle. So if I keep the vehicle past July 7 I owe BMW FS $31k.


My insurance is USAA, and it wasn’t her fault, so I’m not too worried about being out any additional money, but this is definitely going to be a headache.

To top it all off I was being a bit cute with the turn in - the vehicle registration expires at the end of June 2018, but the turn in date is July 7. You can’t turn in a vehicle that isn’t registered, but I wasn’t about to pay registration for a year on a vehicle I have for 7 days. So I had an appointment to turn it in 27-June (just due to schedules) while it still had an active registration.


Now I’m not sure how that part will work - I can’t renew the registration without a vehicle inspection, and I clearly can’t do that until it is repaired.

Ugh. Again, my wife and the person who hit her are both fine, and that is most important. But the paperwork would have been easier if the car was totaled....


Anyone with experience in this have suggestions?