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Everyone is insane

As I steel myself for the bullshit of tomorrow, today was absolute shit. Everyone has lost their damn minds. Except Toby.

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Apparently, while I was out last week, there was a conflict in the office between the one attorney left behind and my bookkeeper. This led to an extended conversation with the attorney, who is clearly unhappy (her coworkers tell me she complains all the time). She had a couple of legitimate concerns, but has a lot of complaints about not being “respected.” I have no idea what this means really.

Both my assistant and my bookkeeper tell me she was complaining Friday about feeling left out of the trip to San Diego. This really irritated me. Originally, only 2 of my 4 attorneys were going to go, and she was one of them. She offered to give up her spot on the trip to the newest attorney, so she was then off the trip. At the last minute, there was an unrelated business reason that the other “left out” attorney ended up going, and she was the only attorney left in the office.


I got pissed and chewed her out for complaining to her coworkers that she was being mistreated when she voluntarily gave up her spot. Apparently she felt she should have been added again when the other guy was. I was really angry.

This is a woman who an hour before was complaining that her coworkers were acting like high school.

I wonder if Elon Musk is still selling flamethrowers, and if they are approved for self-immolation

Maybe I should just sell real estate. Fuck.

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