Toyota “announces” a limited trim for the 2016 Tacoma that will cost upwards of $39,000, people flip the hell out.

“39 grand for a small truck!!! How dare they!” “40 grand! for a Tacoma?!?!” “

Chevy lets you build a $40,000 Colorado



People are strange. Why do they think that because a new more expensive trim is available that things are starting to get out of hand with the whole truck/truck market/world? Also, Why do people feel the need to complain at all about the the fact that nicer things cost more money at all?

For reference, in 2005 a double cab TRD V6 Tacoma cost $29,950, which is $36,500 inflation adjusted for 2015. The 2016 double cab TRD v6 Tacoma will cost $35,500. Its not like they are trying to make things more expensive, its just the cost of things in 2015.

End random rant.

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