Everyone....meet Valerie!


I pulled the trigger. 1300$ and this girl is all mine. She’s a 1998 Triumph Trophy 1200 with over 40k miles on it. It’s rough around the edges and needs a proper carb and throttle body cleaning. But damn is she a gentle girl for a 1200.

The side panels are rashed (it was dropped on the right side and looks like it suffered a garage scrape on the left) but there’s enough that I can cut up the part near the headlight to make a bikini type fairing. The undertray is in decent shape, but was removed to give access while the current owner got it running again after sitting for years.

I had to bundle the bike with some vintage oil and gas signs to get that price. He wanted over 1500$ but I was only willing to pay 11-1200. I agreed to 13 and I’d take some of the vintage stuff off his hands to help him clear out his inventory. Turns out that was the key so I might get some cool stuff when I pick the bike up on tuesday? We shall see.

But yeah, I’m psyched. This is a hell of a bike that needs a good clean and some elbow grease to be good but she’ll be worth it.

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