I knew that new cars would one day become a subscription service but there were never enough points to depict my line of reasoning. We all need to thank Cadillac for setting the initial framework that we will build into our future madness. There is still a long ways to go before the vision of car subscriptions is complete, but now we have an industry example that allows people to see the diving board from which we are going off the deep end.

Financing has become more profitable than the actual selling of cars, people want to lease vehicles, Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are sought after, and we have generations of people coming into adult life that are fine with never owning what they use. It sounds awful to most but it really is going to make the automotive world a better place to be connected to.


This is where vehicle data collection and third party monitoring will flourish. This is the time in which all these ride sharing apps will benefit automakers. The biggest problem are dealerships, but those that change to this new format will thrive while those that don’t spend the money and effort will find themselves stuck in limbo. Add in the amount of comfort people have with ride sharing/hailing applications and we have a way to find all these needed concierges without them having to be paid as employees. Why work for Lyft when you can be part of Cadillac’s concierge team? If you work for Uber then why not take advantage of the discounted subscription rate?

Finally once all these cars can deliver themselves, then it will all make sense. That means dollars. I know I’m not the only one finding that all these puzzle pieces form the framework to the overall picture we are working towards.