Everyone ready for winter?

Winter set installed. Just found out I herniated my L4-L5 (and I’m in my f***ing 20's), and my ski season’s a bust, so no rack this year. Forgot how grippy Blizzaks are - makes it feel like it’s on rails.

I think I miss my summer set. Winter is a bit more incognito, but the Rotiforms really grew on me...they actually turned a decent amount of heads, too. The 12.5mm spacers on the rear had more poke than I had hoped, but seeing how narrow my OEM set looks without spacers, it really shows car needs at least 8mm spacer’s back there.


12.5mm Spacers with 235/19 tires

No spacer with 255/19 tires


Really not looking to spend any more money after dropping a couple month’s rent on a new clutch, but spacers aren’t too expensive...

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