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Everyone should drive a Corolla

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Because, if we’re being honest, the Corolla will get the job done 99% of the time.


Before you get the pitchforks out I’m kinda joking. But I’m kinda not. A few months back I grabbed a Corolla from Turo and took it to Northern Ontario and was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. It had snow tires and handled just fine. Returned around 40 MPG. Fairly comfortable seats and an overall decent interior with nice-ish materials on all touch surfaces. Sound system was a major letdown, however.

Anyways, it made me think about how good econoboxes are becoming yet many enthusiasts instantly discount them (I’m also aware that enough enthusiasts do in fact keep a cheaper car). I don’t think I’d own a Corolla as my only vehicle... but if I had a big commute I wouldn’t hesitate to get one for that purpose.


I wrote a short post about this on my blog, focusing on the fallacy of “logical” car purchases. Very rarely can you be entirely logical and unbiased because, especially for anyone on Oppo, a car purchase is an emotional decision. If they weren’t then 99% of us would be in Corollas. I tried copy-pasting the content to here but today Kinja is not being compliant at all, so if you wanna read please click the link. No ads. No like/subscribe/sacrifice your firstborn links either.

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