Everyone's talking about the foosballs

I’m just sitting here watching rugby videos and wishing it was on tv

One of the interesting things about rugby gameplay, for those unfamiliar, a player doesn’t score by crossing the goal line, but by touching the ball to the ground in the goal section after crossing the goal line. A defensive player can prevent the score by preventing the player from getting the ball to the ground. Also, wherever the ball is grounded laterally (side to side) in the goal is where the conversion (point after touchdown) must be attempted from. Ground the ball in the center of the goal and it’s an easy kick. Ground the ball towards the edge and it’s a tough sideways kick attempt. For this reason you’ll often see a player run the ball to the center once he’s in the goal before grounding it. Sometimes I wonder how much more interesting the PAT would be in American football if this rule was adopted.


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