I’m sure all of us know that passion comes with a heavy price tag. For the most part that price is paid in time, money, and lifestyle. Car enthusiasts house shop very differently than the “norms” out there. A three-car garage becomes a top pick while more than 2 bathrooms is just being bourgie.

Unfortunately, when you’re passionate about more than one thing, they tend to conflict with each other. In my case there is a $28,000 marimba I have an eye for. My thought is I’m going to live with it everyday for practically forever, do concerts and make money off it, plus love every second of it! So worth the price.

Of course I would need a home for the interior space and especially airspace between neighbors. Oh! Plus a van to transport it to gigs. The van could replace my DD, yeah! In fact I need the utility anyways. Yeah! How the hell am I surviving without the utility?! I neeeeed utility!


Buuuut...I could buy a truck and a sporty coupe for the price of a new marimba and van. Either way, music and cars are transforming my lifestyle and forcing me to look into a house (that’s expensive). I would need more furniture and appliances (more money, time, and lifestyle changes). Gah!! I forgot about kids and shit!!!

Well one thing is for certain, I’ll still be broke in 10 years...happy friday.