I didn’t realize just how bad the old tires were until I drove the new ones. New tires fixed everything wrong with my car.

I had some old Cooper 165 R15s on the car when I bought it. One of which decided it needed a divorce from its tread, so was replaced with some other new tire (Solus maybe?) which went out of round after only a couple of months, causing my car to perform its reenactment of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake any time speeds exceeded 45mph.


So I order a new set of four Firestone (Coker) F560 155 R15 tires. Got them mounted, and everything about my car is better now. First thing I noticed was massively less effort needed to turn the wheel at parking speeds. The ride is better. The car doesn’t vibrate when moving. The car is ridiculously quieter. I can actually hear the radio at freeway speeds now.

The most best thing is that my car apparently didn’t need an alignment, the shitty old tires were causing it to pull to one side. Now it tracks perfectly straight.


The only thing I dislike about fitting the stock width tires is that the car is more sensitive to cross winds. But I’m rarely driving fast enough in wind strong enough for this to really matter.