Everything is broken!

Where to begin?!? The Midget still won’t hold coolant, and we’ve replaced most of the hoses you can see from under the car, so now we have to futz with the heater core!

One of the rear brake pads on the Jaguar has come out of alignment or detached itself from the caliper or something, the net result being the rotor was basically chewed up and grooved to hell. So now my dad and I have to do a brake job, something neither of us have ever done before, because my mom as her present to herself for mothers day, put her foot down and said we can’t spend any more money on other people to fix the cars for us.


The speedometer on the Trailblazer has finally failed completely. Short of buying an entire refurbished instrument cluster, I wouldn’t know where to begin to solve this shit:

And then there’s the S600 which I can no longer reliably lock because the key fob has decided to only work when it wants to work. The buttons go in and out, the keyless go/touch entry/push to start function is totally intermittent, and I had to use the physical key to open the door this morning after mothers day brunch, AND THE GODDAMN ALARM GOES OFF! This on top of the fact I have made the decision to replace my own spark plugs and maybe even my valve cover gaskets but I can’t find step by step idiot proof instructions for either, or what you have to torque things to or any of that stuff, so, you know, paging AMGtech I suppose.

And I was supposed to get my work schedule on Friday and the guy never called so I had to bother my friend in HR again because at least she knows how to respond to an email!


I’m not having a good week, and it’s only Sunday.

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