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A couple months back, we took my girlfriend’s Giulietta to the Alfa dealer for him to sell it. We figured it’s been a year and we didn’t manage to sell it, we might have better luck selling it this way.It took some time, but in the end he managed to sell it. We got a bit less than our asking price, but it finally sold on saturday.


Since we had bought an X1 for her as our family car, I could replace my MX-5 with something fun. So I bought a Mégane RS. But Since I can’t stop flipping cars, and thought if I sell it now I might get a decent deal on a summer car, I put it up for sale a few weeks ago. It’s getting picked up next saturday. It drove similarly to the last one, but with one major flaw: it wasn’t yellow.

As for the X1, our christmas trip to her family made us realize it wasn’t as big as we thought. with the baby in the car seat, the passenger seat has to be quite far in front, so it could have a little more room. Also when loaded with bagages, presents , our cat and large dog, the car was pretty much full. Of course this is a 1-2 times a year experience, but we bought it in the intention to flip it, and why wait? It will probably get sold today and be picked up sometime this week.
[Update:] It sold!


I didn’t expect everything to sell in the same time, but when you got a buyer at the right price,you sometimes have to adapt.
I‘ll have to buy something soon though. The Tuscany meet is just a few weeks from now, and our current setup is my Pajero as my commuter (which is okay) and my mr2 for my girlfriend to drive the kid to daycare and to drive to work, on salty roads, which I’m less okay with. also she doesn’t want our son to go deaf in the Pajero, so with the 505 on the hoist for rust fixing, we will have no car for family duty.

TL;DR: I have a car buying/selling issue

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