I’m drunk so it’s time for some proselytizing. This was my dinner tonight. There were no animal products in it, and it was good.

I blame my wife for my drunkenness. She wanted some red wine and I was all “oh I don’t mind popping to the beer & wine store down the street. I’m working from home tomorrow, let’s get drunk!”

You may be wondering what the hell a beer & wine store is, but here in Montgomery County, MD, the only alcohol distributor is the county, and the only full liquor stores are county stores. There are independent beer & wine stores that buy their beer & wine from the county, and you can’t buy alcohol at all anywhere else. No grocery store alcohol, no gas station alcohol, nothing.

There are 4 different beer & wine stores within a few blocks of my house. Location, location, location. This is much more convenient than driving the 1.3 miles to the county liquor store.

There’s a medical marijuana store across the street from the county liquor store, and both of these places are by a Target and a Marshall’s.


The closest recreational weed store is 11 whole miles away in Columbia Heights, DC. It is ALSO next to a Target and a Marshall's (and a Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Modell's, all in the same building, with a large parking garage.)

So now you know that our nation’s capital is a land of Target, Marshall’s, and marijuana.

Also, Ba Tampte half hour pickles are the best pickles in the world.