Ok... so with Project Dumpster Fire hopefully stable for a little bit, my energy now needs to get diverted to the Disco and the Alfa. Currently, the Disco needs... a bit of work. Mostly OK, but needs some attention.

Running Concerns

The biggest here is, of course, mi amigos. A classic fault with the series two Discovery, I have a fault in my ABS system that has led to the failure of my ABS, Traction Control, and hill descent mode. Without a CDL, this means I am effectively driving a one-wheel-drive SUV. Happily, in my case the fix looks like it should be easy, so fingers crossed.


Also, the parking brake is kaput. Not sure what the issue is, but the cable is fine. No amount of adjusting changes the operation, so I suspect a full rebuild of the parking drum is in order.

Also coolant is going somewhere, but I’m not sure where. I need to do a coolant change as I have no idea what is in there so I’ve only been adding water and winter is coming.

With fresh fluids abound, the only other running concern I may have is swapping out the serpentine belt at some point.

Also it drinks fuel, but I think that is my fault.



The big one is the door locks/ latches. The driver’s door is the only one with a keyhole, and naturally that doesn’t work. Feels like the linkage is disconnected. Further, the driver’s door and cargo door are the only ones with working power locks. So basically if those go bad or my battery goes flat, I’m effed.

I also desperately need new floor-mats, a detail, and some leather cleaner and conditioner. Also a new headliner wouldn’t hurt, but I’m not in a hurry on that one.



The roof has some burn that I would like to attempt to buff out. If that doesn’t work, it won’t be the hardest thing in the world to have repainted.


The front bumper needs to come off, which is a bummer. One of the fog lights is missing, there is a crack that needs addressed, and both headlight sprayers need to be replaced. All of that requires the bumper to come off.


I really want to reinstate the CDL (center diff lock). Based on my production date, I should have the mechanism in the transfer case. All that is left is to add the linkage. The problem with this is the kit to do so costs $400. Another option is to gank the linkage from a 2004 D2, but those eBay for about $200. A third, slightly more sensible, option would be to buy an entire 2004 transfer case for $300, shipped, which includes the linkage. I hate eBay.



Not a big list, thankfully. This biggest thing is getting the locks and ABS working again. The rest can follow in due course.


Also cup holders. Man I really need cup holders....

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