Everything that is wrong with my Saab (and I have 3 weeks to fix)

So in my last posts I told the touching tale of how I may or may not have abandoned my formerly beloved Saab to rot outside for twelve years, but eventually got back. It took a lot of time, and I’ll be honest with you, a lot of money.

Like... seriously. A lot. I could have bought at least two good 900's for what I paid to get my broken one back. But whatever, it is MY Saab!


This morning I got a facebook notification from the local Saab group. They’re looking for final numbers for their spring drive, which is on April 8th.


Ok... okokokokok. My initial plan with the Saab was to get it up and running by their Fall drive last year, but a tricky starter replacement had that date sailing by. Now I have three weeks to get this heap of junk capable of driving 120 miles.

Worth a shot... I guess....

The Good

Contrary to everything I just said, there is a lot that is OK with the old guy. I’ve recently:

  • Replaced the clutch hydraulic hose (which was leaking)
  • 3 of the 4 power windows are working and I have a replacement motor for the 4th
  • I’ve fixed all the fuel leaks
  • The injectors, fuel distributor, fuel regulator, and MAF all seem to be in working order
  • The starter and battery are in good shape
  • The parking brake works
  • I’ve recently shampooed the everything on the interior
  • The clutch is new
  • All 4 brakes are new
  • New plugs and wires
  • The turbo seems to be in good shape
  • No rust to speak of... somehow

The Bad

So, all that said... there is a lot that needs doing before it can be road worthy.

  • The driver’s side power window doesn’t work
  • The brakes don’t work and the (former) mechanic couldn’t get them figured out. Probably a leak somewhere?
  • The fuel pump leaks. Probably just needs a new gasket on the banjo fitting.
  • Needs new tires, obviously
  • The blower doesn’t work
  • The sunroof is stuck shut
  • The radio is shot and so are the speakers
  • The wipers are always on
  • The windshield desparatly needs to be replaced

The Ugly

But the real problems are:

  • It won’t start and I have very little idea why. At this point it almost has to be an issue with the fuel system pressure. I have the gauge but haven’t checked yet.
  • Coolant keeps disappearing and going *somewhere* but I don’t know where. It isn’t on the ground or in the oil so.... mystery!
  • Brake fluid keeps disappearing and I don’t know where it is going. Same story as the coolant.
  • A lot of the wiring is VERY crispy and likely going to cause some issues.

I got this?

When I type it all out... it sounds pretty bad. Not like... Dave Tracy bad... but still pretty bad. If the starting issue turns out not to be fuel pressure, I think I’ll have no choice but to bring it to a shop.


Wish me luck!

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