Inspired by the Practical Enthusiast’s post about his new Ninja, I sat down and made a list of all the issues I’ve discovered about my also new-to-me green toy.

I’ve owned the 2005 Legend Lime green GT just over a week so far, and found the following things need attention, ordered in terms of how serious they are/how much they bother me:

  • Handbrake does not work (suspect failed rear cables - front seems intact)
  • Stripes cracked, faded, generally nasty and need to go
  • Hurst shifter rattles at 3k + RPM
  • Rubber seal on cone filter on CAI severely perished
  • Minor knock in front end suspension (suspect wishbone bushes)
  • Hood has minor corrosion around stone chips (yay early ford aluminium painting!)
  • Fuel EVAP canister blocked preventing you from completely filling tank (hold pump upside down solves this - but do so at your own risk!)
  • Exhaust corroded throughout but not leaking

All in, not bad, some items on this are common to a lot of S197s - namely the hood and EVAP canister - to be expected for 90,000 miles. I’m sure more gremlins will eventually surface!

A few of these items I’ve already got parts/tools/stuff on order to remedy (shifter, stripes) and hopefully the rest of the problems I can at least properly diagnose this coming weekend. Also, I’m sure some can be remedied with carefully chosen modifications (Intake!).

Here’s hoping she soon becomes the devil I know.